82,567 words, and I need to see a man about a parrot…


The writing is going well. Tonight and last night I have been writing a scene where things once again go backwards for our hero, with him being trapped into yet another uncomfortable arrangement. This time it’s the smuggling ex-pirate who is turning the screws. Don’t worry, other things are going to take a turn for the better tomorrow, romantically and in terms of armament & planning.

For now, time to lift, starting with squats: the best exercise in existence. Then I’ll read some book, and then dinner.

Question! What is a good name for a pirate’s parrot?

A pirate’s robotic parrot? I’m not trying to create another major character here, they’re just a bit of fun (and occasionally very useful) and contribute to the general pirateness of the pirate in question.

This one will be up for a week, plenty of time before I need to have the re-write done. Please let me know your thoughts!

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About D.R.Sylvester

A Clinical Research Associate by day (google it), writer by night, D.R.Sylvester lives in Sydney, Australia with his patissiere wife and Siberian Wolf. His interests include travel, music (predominantly Metal), reading, & archery.
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2 Responses to 82,567 words, and I need to see a man about a parrot…

  1. backwrites says:

    Always good when you’ve got your characters in a bind! And I love the idea of a robotic parrot.

    • Thank you! And yes, he has magnetic claws, so perching on the roof (or on the side of the ship) is a thing.
      And yeah, about that bind… I’m so stuck at the moment I haven’t a clue how to get them out of it! I guess I need to do something that leans towards their strengths, and plays on the whole thing of teamwork… I also want one of them to have a sneaky ace up their sleeve that they can’t let the other escapee know about. I’m gonna be up all night I think…

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