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Back on the Editing Wagon

Yep, I’m proudly back on track today. Don’t ask me how many pages I edited, because I’m not concerned with quantity right now. I’m just taking my first bite of the elephant in over a week. I’ve done a lot … Continue reading

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4.20 of HIIT on the bike = stuffed. But I’m gonna live forever…

Had a brief spell of chest pain over the weekend. Okay, nothing to be concerned about. Or is it? Is that normal for a twenty-nine year old? Admittedly my diet is cholesterol on toast, washed down with coffee and beer… Oh and did I mention cake? … Continue reading

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82,567 words, and I need to see a man about a parrot…

The writing is going well. Tonight and last night I have been writing a scene where things once again go backwards for our hero, with him being trapped into yet another uncomfortable arrangement. This time it’s the smuggling ex-pirate who is turning … Continue reading

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Exercise, Art, and note-taking at 71,037 words

Today was a day of art, walking around the NSW Art Gallery. It’s always good to see all the old classics, and we caught the last day of the Afghanistan exhibit. Never knew that the place was on the old … Continue reading

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