Unnatural Resources

Here be a list of sites I’ve found useful to my creative endeavors over the past few years. I’m kicking it off with just one entry, but I’ll water the joint with new content from time to time.

ROBOTIC DISCLAIMER SECTION: All credit and ownership remains with the individual providers of each resource. *EXTERMINATE*. I don’t get paid a cent by any of these people; I’m a writer-bot, not a marketing-droid. *BEEP-BLOIP*

Help yourselves, humans!


  • Terribleminds, the blog of author Chuck Wendig. NSFW, but always entertaining, educational, and often inspirational too.
  • MillieHo.net, the blog of aspiring author Millie Ho. Lots of good videos talking about writing, and articles discussing the craft


  • Emotion this great article by Alicia Rasley has helped me immensely in how I think about writing emotional scenes, but without all the melodrama.


  • FocusON – an android app that lets you restrict apps like Facebook and Twitter (including those distracting notifications) to certain times of the day, with an intuitive scheduler.



  • UsVSTh3m has a fantastic generator… generator, that you can use to create any kind of randomised sentence. It’s intended for things like this clickbait generator, but it’s also perfect for things like brainstorming and testing out an elevator pitch.

2 Responses to Unnatural Resources

  1. Millie Ho says:

    Aw man, I’m humbled to be included on this list! Thanks for the shout out.

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