Shorts Anthology Review: The Time Travel Chronicles

Hello again. OOOH EXCITEMENT! I am within 35 pages of completing the synopsis! I can almost taste the completion… and can nearly smell the next re-write. Ugh.

Anyway, here’s the review I’ve posted to Goodreads and Amazon for “The Time Travel Chronicles,” an excellent anthology of short sci-fi tales focussed on (wait for it…) time travel!

The Time Travel Chronicles (The Future Chronicles)The Time Travel Chronicles by Samuel Peralta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are some really solid tales in this anthology, including a good mix of slower, more personal tales, with a few space-time stomping adventures. Particular talents to look out for:

Ernie Luis, just for the depth of emotion and dread he conjures up in his tale, Meddler. You can vividly relive the best moments of your past with just a few eye-drops… but at what cost?

Extant by Anthony Vicino, for a vividly imagined world where time travel is a super power, or a super curse…

The Traveler, by Stefan Bolz, is more introspective tale about a girl dealing with the loss of her father, who was also her mentor for all things engineering. She finds some unbelievable plans hidden in his workshop after he’s gone… could this be a way to see him one last time?

Loads more. All fun and fancy reads, well worth a look!

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And for bonus sci-fi reading points, the last chunk of Ernie Luis’s time-travelling assassin tale – Alternate, has just come out! I reviewed the first few instalments herehere and here, and am frothing all over to read this last bit (as should you be. As you should be? Whatever).

In other news, I just bought three massive heavy boxes of 2-way radio equipment off ebay, and it seems none of the 30+ items included actually work. Oh well. Twenty dollars pooted out the window. Maybe one of the chargers can give me a nice warm electrical fire?

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3 Responses to Shorts Anthology Review: The Time Travel Chronicles

  1. gpeynon says:

    35 pages? That’s one hell of a synopsis.

    • Yeah it’s a bit of a monster at the moment. I wanted to get to a point of clarity with my story, a kind of play-by-play of the entire book. That way I’m hoping to see the forest rather than the trees, making it a bit easier to wield the chainsaw… I figure there’s a heap in there that’s just dumb ideas or filler, and I want to cut it all down before rewriting again. Le sigh

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