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Minecraft for Planning Story Locations

So, I hopped back in our server for the first time in a long while, and got started on a little building. Nothing much, just making a house to keep my stuff at the moment, but I thought “Hey… Why … Continue reading

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Back on the Editing Wagon

Yep, I’m proudly back on track today. Don’t ask me how many pages I edited, because I’m not concerned with quantity right now. I’m just taking my first bite of the elephant in over a week. I’ve done a lot … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hounded, by Kevin Hearne. Iron Druids ‘n stuff.

Sitting cotside with an adorable newborn is a great feeling. It’s even more rad-i-sauce awesome-iffic when the noob in question is your own daughter. She’s staring at you with eyes bigger than the rest of her head, and you’re all … Continue reading

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Birth in T-Minus ??? Hours…

I’m sitting at a hospital, drinking coffee, waiting for visiting hours. Oh, and soon I’m going to be going in and holding my wife’s hand for the birth of my child (read as: have my hand crushed into a sack … Continue reading

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How to Fit Writing In

So, you’re busy. Maybe you’re working a forty hour week. I know a lot of you will be doing more than that. Fifty? What about a sixty hour week? How many fingers am I holding up? Now who has parents … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors #4

I’m back with another snippet for this WEWRIWA (Weekend Writing Warriors) thing. To meet some new authors, read some great writing, or join in the 8-sentence fun, stop by at Weekend Writing Warriors! This scene is from right near the … Continue reading

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Writing Characters

I’ve been thinking a lot more about characters as I edit, because it’s one thing I can probably never refine enough. Here are the points that I’m really focussing on with mine these days. (Pic kind of unrelated by the … Continue reading

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Good Characters, Sporting Events, and where the hell did that weekend go?

So, another Monday, and the final weeks until Babytime are upon us. Tecccchnically it’s a long weekend, but I had a half-day last week so I figure I’ve already taken my day off.¬†Last week also contained the bizarre moment of … Continue reading

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Who finished the paper edit? This guy.

Now I just need to enter all that into word. Hoo boy, this is going to take a while. It might take so long in fact, that I’ve decided to delay sending the manuscript to the editor. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Chicago was rad

It’s time that I explained myself. I’ve been a very bad blogger. I haven’t made a post in almost a week! Well, here’s my excuse: Chicago, baby. It’s a helluva town. I had a great time, got a lot of … Continue reading

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