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400 words a day…

Reading “A Slip of the Keyboard” has reminded me of a goal I used to hold myself to: 400 words a day as a kind of minimum, inspired by Terry Pratchett’s own self-imposed goal from his noob-writer days. I think … Continue reading

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What about just apocalyptic?

As opposed to post apocalyptic. Have you read anything that takes place in and around the actual apocalypse, rather than in its aftermath? I’ve read World War Z, and Tomorrow When the War Began, and maybe Taronga back in school, … Continue reading

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I need a writing cave. A grotto. A… tent?

Or a teepee. Pretty much anything really (although an Igloo might not work in this climate). I just need something to get my creative self out of the house and into a work-conducive environment. I’ve been inspired by seeing Chuck’s … Continue reading

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Test Reader Comments Back! Plenty to do, but no disasters

So, my fantastic alpha reader (love you, mum) has just gotten back to me with her thoughts on the first sixteen chapters (about a quarter of the current length. VERDICT: 1st 9 chapters = great! The others = not so … Continue reading

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