Character blog hop – meet Roger and Xing

Didn’t do any blogging yesterday, on account of my most excellent holiday in sunny Cairns, from which there will be photos coming in the next day or so. I did manage to do some character sketching, so please excuse the poorly photographed scribbles below…

I was tagged to do this character blog-hop by The Paper Butterfly. She’s a keen writer, doing some really neat stuff including some Final Fantasy fan-fiction, and using this creative outlet to bouy up her spirits in the face of a daunting array of chronic medical conditions. Oh, and she’s an all round cool gal besides. Her characters are Zack and Kyle, a hero and a nice guy respectively (and Kyle does precisely what nice-guys do). Here’s the link for those of you that are interested: The Paper Butterfly’s Character Blog Hop


Rough concept sketch of Roger

Rough concept sketch of Roger

Fictional or Historical

Fictional, but (very) loosely based on the historical pirate archetype.

When/Where Is It Set?

Chronologically and technologically two-hundred-or-so years in the future, but socially and stylistically two-hundred-plus years in the past. The location is the colonial town of New Canton, in a bubble-dome on Ceres (the largest asteroid of the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars).

Is there anything we should know about the character?

Don’t trust him. As a character, and as a narrator.

What is the main conflict?

He has survived this long because he responds to every situation with a “fight” response, and always puts himself first. At the start of our tale, this has finally put him at odds with everyone, even his crew, and he maroons them all rather than face mutiny or back down. His attitude has to change, but he rejects this and sets off alone, for a holiday in the tropics to regroup.

What is Roger’s personal goal?

To enjoy a break, recruit a new crew, and return to plundering the seas, just as soon as the entire Royal Navy stops hunting for him. Of course it doesn’t work out this way, when he finds his fate tied to a girl (Xing, below) whose personal philosophy is the antithesis of his own.

Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Last Resort, and yeppers. >80% of my blog is about it at the moment.

When can we expect the book to be published?

It’ll be out in October (fingers crossed I finish in time, I’m at about 96,000 words with another approx 25,000 to go, then extensive editing).



Rough concept sketch for Miss Xing

Rough concept sketch for Miss Xing

Fictional or Historical?

Fictional, though her dress is a mixture of HK Chinese working class from the 19th century and, when she’s at work, an Elizabethan Chauffeur uniform.

When/Where Is It Set?

As above for Roger, though while he is reaving across the asteroid belt, her life is a big-city affair.

Is there anything we should know about the character?

There’s something about this girl…

What is the main conflict?

She is no fool, but stubbornly refuses to concede that her gender, her poverty, and to some extent even her race all preclude her from reaching her dreams. She needs to set her sights on something real if she is to have any hope of success…

What is Xing’s personal goal?

To join The Review and travel the breadth of the empire, acting, dancing and singing.


Now it’s time for me to tag three other authors. Not sure if they’ll be doing one of these, but I suggest checking them out anyway.

Best regards,


  1. Therin Knite – Published author of awesome Sci-fi tale Echoes, and probably awesome Othello (it’s on my reading list)
  2. Victoria Davenport – Aspiring author of the dark brilliance that is Nightfire (WIP)
  3. Millie Ho – Writer & reader of things, & artist of fun, pretty, & slightly-odd webcomic Sorrowbacon

About D.R.Sylvester

A Clinical Research Associate by day (google it), writer by night, D.R.Sylvester lives in Sydney, Australia with his patissiere wife and Siberian Wolf. His interests include travel, music (predominantly Metal), reading, & archery.
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6 Responses to Character blog hop – meet Roger and Xing

  1. The setting kind of reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy 9. They were a futuristic society in some ways, but it was a medieval setting. I like medieval settings for some reason. Always have. That and dark post apocalyptic ones XD Roger reminds me of Jack Sparrow a bit, a chaotic neutral character. Is that a fair assessment? A free-spirited individual that follows his own heart and self-interest. I tend to write Lawful Good and Neutral Good type characters for my protagonists, lol. I think it’s awesome that your character doesn’t fit the mold 🙂 I think it works out well that Roger and Xing are so different. Kristen Lamb did an excellent post about creating conflict within your party in addition to everything else. Makes things more interesting. I like the tense but caring relationship Xing and Roger seem to have. I like that Xing has her own dreams and isn’t reliant on Roger for her identity. She seems like a Lawful Good character, but I don’t know. Hmmm, maybe she’s going to end up being an antagonist XD It’s never the character you most or least suspect, but the one you medium suspect, lol.

    Kristen Lamb’s blog on character types:

    Good luck on finishing it 😀 I’d love to read a copy when you’re done ^^

    Oh, I quit the Final Fantasy VII fandom this week, lol. But Zack is still my most developed character at this point XD I need to read several fantasy novels before I embark on writing another one. I actually have read very few fantasy novels, like 1 or 2 in the past 10 years XD So for now I’m just working on short stories 🙂

    • Roger is chaotic, that much I can promise. As for Good-Neutral-Evil, well… let’s just say he’s a bit complex.
      He’s no Jack Sparrow, but he’s not a Hannibal Lector either. Expect conflict around this point.

      Xing is another bit of a curve ball, in that she starts out Lawful Good and it isn’t doing her any favours. There’s more to her though… and this is a novel not a PPRPG, so we can expect change and development rather than simply levelling up.

      If you want to read some good fantasy, grab the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. Enjoy the new projects then! 🙂

  2. Thank you for nominating me! Haha, I love this. Roger is great–“Don’t trust him. Especially as a narrator” makes me want to read, as backwards as that sounds. I also love the concept and contradiction of this world, very unique and interesting. Hope you do get it finished by October, so I can read it 🙂 But in the mean time, look forward to your future posts about it!

  3. Thank you! And yeah, I figure that most people are probably a bit like me: fresh out of patience for straight-forward characters. I can handle a bit of Captain America every now and then, but what I really want to see is a Han Solo or a Wolverine… or a Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds.
    Looking forward to checking out yours as well!

  4. Millie Ho says:

    Hi D.R., I like your concept and character dynamics! Xing and Roger’s being the antithesis of the other is intriguing—should we expect much bloodshed, literally or figuratively? If you’ve seen Cowboy Bebop, you’d know why I’m interested in your set-up. Looking forward to more of your work, textual or visual. : )

    • Both, and yet neither. Actually I think it’s the Meiji ambassador who does the most blood-letting, when she gets her claws out…
      And yep Cowboy Bebop = 2nd favourite anime (after FLCL), and now I have Tank stuck in my head! That’s definitely an influence from my past. Thanks again!

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