Book review: Echoes by Therin Knite

So, awesomeness: Epitaphs by Therin Knite is being worked on!

Awesome why? Because I just finished reading Echoes, the first in the series, and it was a good read. So I reviewed it on Goodreads.

As you do.

Now I only have a few more of the Dangerous Women shorts left to read and I’ll need to get myself to a bookstore… I can’t write if I can’t read (and there’s still another 27,000 words to type up before the editing can begin).

Now, without further ado!
Echoes (Echoes, #1)Echoes by Therin Knite

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Flipping amazing, especially for a first book. It had my favourite mix: good characters (an overly and overtly intelligent intelligence agent, breaking the rules of rookie-hood by overachieving [making his senior colleagues look comparatively rubbish]), compelling world building (a post-post-apocalypse where humanity has more fancy technology than you can poke a designer cosmetic modification at), and intriguing plot (who is that lady with the sunglasses and the umbrella, and what’s the deal with the giant firebreathing dragon that’s selectively torching suburban addresses, right under the nose of this world’s FBI equivalent?). Counting it as a lucky find for me.

If I had to offer any criticism it would be just that I wanted some of the conflict to go back and forth a little more towards the end. The big-bad became ever so slightly impotent, and I wanted to see them turn the tables again (even if only once) before the end. So basically, I wanted another scoop of fictional-battle-icecream…

I give Echoes four-out-of-five deadly dream sequences.

View all my reviews … Or not, this is my only one so far. I’m planning on reviewing everything I read from now on (which should be fine, because I’m only reading what I WANT to read. I don’t know how professional reviewers manage to force themselves through books they have no interest in…).

What awesome books are melting your brainpans at this moment in time?

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