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400 words a day…

Reading “A Slip of the Keyboard” has reminded me of a goal I used to hold myself to: 400 words a day as a kind of minimum, inspired by Terry Pratchett’s own self-imposed goal from his noob-writer days. I think … Continue reading

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Mumble mumble. Something. Newborn.

Word count culling today, because sitting with the notes and editing properly seemed like too much work when we’re running low on sleep. Look at a sentence. Does it advance the plot? Then it can stay. What’s that, this next … Continue reading

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Blog Award Nomination! & 99,356 words

 I’ve been nominated for a couple of blog awards! Awww. Good to know that what basically amounts to my writing-process motivation-containment-system is also being enjoyed by some real humans. And so I’m 100% thankful to my nominator, Victoria Davenport  for the Very … Continue reading

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