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Writing Treasure Hunt – Initiating hanky panky. Wow, awkward.

This here Writing Treasure Hunt is going to be a recurring segment, where I find hidden (writing-related) booty to plunder, and share it with ye. Yarrrrr! On the subject of booty, the treasure I’ve unearthed this time around is about, well, just that. … Continue reading

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1st Wedding Anniversary Achievement Get!

So, yesterday was one year since I got hitched to my wife. We’re still incubating our ankle-biter for a few more months, so we were free to head into Sydney for dinner, ballet (watching only, though more on my dancing later), and … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors (#1)

Saw this awesome logo with a sword and a pen and thought I had to know what that was about. Turns out it’s a weekly thing for writers to showcase a snippet from their writing. To meet some new authors, … Continue reading

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Ask an expert. Also, 72000 something!

So, I now know how I’m going to write all the romance stuff in the story. I am a guy. I like beer and meat products and top gear, and my favourite books usually involve lots of action and wizardry. … Continue reading

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Archery, cupid, and a stack of broken arrows

I got back into it! Arrows aplenty into the target, bit more sighting in with my ikea allen key, and a groovy pvc pipe quiver. Okay, it might be a bit ugly, but I can reach my arrows a lot … Continue reading

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