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You’re a writer? Cool. Let’s write lists.

It occurred to me the other day: back when I started writing in the early nineties, I wrote uber-lists. One hundred types of weapon? Bowling ball, shoe lace, squash racket strung with razorwire… Fifty types of vehicle? Skateboard, parasail, monster … Continue reading

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Enlisting a Professional Editor, & Late Night Icecream Shopping

I think I read or heard somewhere once that some men have a hard time when their wife is pregnant. I’m having an awesome time of it. I can go to the supermarket, late at night, get one tub of icecream, beep, … Continue reading

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Chapter finished at 107,549 Words. Huzzah!

Hello all! Here’s a picture of my dog begging my wife for food at lunch time, just because the depth of doggie expression in his eyes is awesome. Y’know what else is flipping awesome? Reaching goals that you’ve set for … Continue reading

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Thoughts on publishing. And Words? 105,297 of them.

Pic unrelated, but I was proud of this pic I took (while writing outside) of a tiny spider. Guy is red like Spiderman, and about the size of a grain of sand. So publishing. I’ve been thinking how I want … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett fans gonna like my holiday snaps

So, back to work this week. KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEE. No in all seriousness, it’s not so bad. Not too many emails to come back to, lots of coffee to drink, fairly good idea about what I need to be doing. Can’t … Continue reading

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Sci-fi led me to excel… also 96,494 words!

Firstly, let me start off by saying: research for your writing is good. Doesn’t matter what genre, a bit of well-directed brain-nugget harvesting is always going to be time well spent. That said, I took a bit of time off … Continue reading

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Planning to edit with rose, and blue, and green, and so on tinted glasses

So today I hit 90,000 words, and passed it by another half a K. That’s about when it really clicked that I’m not going to be able to finish the re-write by the 5th of July. Instead of 2500 a day, I’ve been … Continue reading

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74,813. Nice. Let’s see where that puts me… What? Seriously!?

I have been writing furiously toward the goal I set of a finished book by October (see my goal setting post here), and took for granted that if I put in the hours I would get there. I have about fifteen days … Continue reading

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Project Management for business and pleasure

It occurred to me today that between morning teleconferences, work, buying fried chicken, archery practice (2 broken arrows and a lot of concrete dust), reading the Hobbit to my unborn, and other neat activities, I am probably going to need … Continue reading

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