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Planning to edit with rose, and blue, and green, and so on tinted glasses

So today I hit 90,000 words, and passed it by another half a K. That’s about when it really clicked that I’m not going to be able to finish the re-write by the 5th of July. Instead of 2500 a day, I’ve been … Continue reading

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I need a rest, that or a smoother draw…

Unlike my writing, which is going great guns (81,242 words, and more on that below!), the archery is languishing a bit at the moment. One, I keep breaking too many arrows, and two, I can’t get an arrow back half the … Continue reading

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79,979 words, an excerpt thereof, and writing by phone

Mobile Office on Android! Oh sweet, sweet writing hallelujah. I used to get a heap done when I used an iPhone, for the simple reason that: Pages. Nothing I’ve found on the android can do text editing of large documents … Continue reading

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Finntroll, Protective Rage, Bratwurst and words 76,093 to 78,914

Been a pretty massive weekend. Went out to catch Finntroll again on Saturday, a good old folk metal band that I’ve been lucky enough to catch at Brutal Assault in 2012, Sydney a year or so ago, and now again … Continue reading

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Unexpected Thai, free Americans, and 76,093 reasons to keep going

Only wrote 1477 of a planned 2500 today. I blame really tasty thai dinners that unexpectedly pop out of nowhere when neighbours bang on the door saying they’re hungry and going out, and would we both like to come along? … Continue reading

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74,813. Nice. Let’s see where that puts me… What? Seriously!?

I have been writing furiously toward the goal I set of a finished book by October (see my goal setting post here), and took for granted that if I put in the hours I would get there. I have about fifteen days … Continue reading

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