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Why Writing your Synopsis in Excel is Excellent

Here is a screenshot of a short section of my story synopsis. Mmmm tasty spreadsheets. If, like me, you are attempting to edit a godawful-sonnova-dogdamned draft, one that you wrote over a series of years, and you’re onto your forty-thousandth draft with no … Continue reading

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Writing as a Superpower

Originally posted on Coffee. Write. Repeat.:
Superhero movies are everywhere right now. Spiderman, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, you name it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch stories about often ordinary people becoming larger than life and saving the world?…

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Writing Action Scenes, Part 2

And here we are for part two of “Writing Action Scenes”. Do we. Remember what we. Learned last time? (Sorry, sorry, remember not to push it quite that hard. We’re not all Christopher Walken) If memory (and the link to the … Continue reading

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Writing Action Scenes, Part 1

Today I’m going to talk about writing action scenes. I’m just hopping off the back of re-writing an old action scene, and thought I’d share my freshly sprouted thought mushrooms. Do try. 1. STAKES Not the kind you hammer into … Continue reading

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Would be great to escape from this scene

    So, this scene is taking a whole lot longer than I had thought it would. I’m pondering how to make it a case of the protags working smart to overcome the impossible odds, rather than just working hard. … Continue reading

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Finntroll, Protective Rage, Bratwurst and words 76,093 to 78,914

Been a pretty massive weekend. Went out to catch Finntroll again on Saturday, a good old folk metal band that I’ve been lucky enough to catch at Brutal Assault in 2012, Sydney a year or so ago, and now again … Continue reading

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