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Flash Fiction Challenge: And, Action!

So, another fun short story challenge from Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terribleminds. This time: action. A short action tale, 1000 words, action start to finish. I’ve posted a longer version (about 2000 words) to my free short stories section, here. Here … Continue reading

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Short stories, the editing thereof, and dialogue. A brief update

So, the writing is going gooood. Got a big chunk written towards the end, and I’m writing a stack of dialogue, so guess what? “What’s that, D.R?” “Well I’m glad you asked. I’m going to do a post about dialogue!” “Oh. Now?” … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Yet again, sucker that I am, I thought I’d read a book sample and then check the rest out later when I’m not, y’know, busy trying to write a book… Well I fell in and got stuck and now it’s … Continue reading

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So, Book Trailers worth doing? + 97,319 words-in-a-herd

Having a heap of fun with my writing, just heading up towards a hundred-K words, and I’m about to write a scene where fire rains from the sky, and thousands of people run around screaming and jumping over one another … Continue reading

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