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Book Review: Star Wars Aftermath, by Chuck Wendig

I’ve been a bit busy of late (haven’t we all), so I thought I’d roll a bunch of updates and stuff into one post, starting with a brief review of a neato book I read: Chuck Wendig’s STAR WARS Aftermath! … Continue reading

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Hello peoples. Here’s the follow up to last week’s Flash Fiction challenge set at Chuck Wendig’s blog – Terribleminds. That one was all about writing a 250 word character description, or a short scene introducing a fresh character. THIS WEEK we’ve been given … Continue reading

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My Writing Process. HOW I DO.

Over at Terribleminds, Chuck put the question to everyone, what does your writing process look like? It was a timely question for me, because my writing process has only really solidified into something routine in the past few months. Everyone does this … Continue reading

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Hello all. Here’s a quick Flash Fiction bit I’ve bashed together for a challenge set on Chuck Wendig’s blog – Terribleminds. The gist of it is to write a 250 word character description, or a short scene introducing a fresh … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Awkward Author Photo Contest – I GOT 3rd PLACE! WOOO!

So you might remember a previous post where I mentioned that I was entering a competition for awkward author photos, and that the other entries for it were positively exploding with gaiety and hilarity… Well it seems I must give thanks to the … Continue reading

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Awkward Author Photo Contest, and oh the fun we had…

So, Chuck Wendig put out the call for people to compete with their awkwardest “Author Photos,” – those ever-so-slightly iffy examples of the vanity photographer’s art that adorn the inside covers of all your favourite novels… the tilted hat, the … Continue reading

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Series Review: Heartland, books 1 and 2, by Chuck Wendig

Under the Empyrean Sky. Blightborn. Now, WHERE THE HELL IS THE THIRD BOOK GADDAMMIT!? Ahem. I’m being silly, because I already know the date that the third and final installment The Harvest is due, as it was announced in a cover reveal blog … Continue reading

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DC Comics making “just for girls” line… a good thing marketed poorly?

I’m EXTREMELY pleased that DC Comics are trying to get girls into reading their stuff (I’m hoping my little Magpie daughter will take an interest when she’s older), but I wish they’d market it a little differently… “Just for girls?” So … Continue reading

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Writing Characters

I’ve been thinking a lot more about characters as I edit, because it’s one thing I can probably never refine enough. Here are the points that I’m really focussing on with mine these days. (Pic kind of unrelated by the … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Let Fate Choose Your Title…

Here’s another short story for Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction Challenge, a one-thousand-five-hundred word piece this time. I wrote four thousand words and cutting it down was brutal… As always this is a Sci-Fi piece, so think zero gravity, asteroids, … Continue reading

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