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Writing Action Scenes, Part 1

Today I’m going to talk about writing action scenes. I’m just hopping off the back of re-writing an old action scene, and thought I’d share my freshly sprouted thought mushrooms. Do try. 1. STAKES Not the kind you hammer into … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Yet again, sucker that I am, I thought I’d read a book sample and then check the rest out later when I’m not, y’know, busy trying to write a book… Well I fell in and got stuck and now it’s … Continue reading

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Today, whilst sitting in the best writing spot I know, drinking some excellent old red (why is it all gone?) I had a think about my baddie-guys. This came about as a result of some google researching: what made the Star … Continue reading

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Character blog hop – meet Roger and Xing

Didn’t do any blogging yesterday, on account of my most excellent holiday in sunny Cairns, from which there will be photos coming in the next day or so. I did manage to do some character sketching, so please excuse the … Continue reading

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4.20 of HIIT on the bike = stuffed. But I’m gonna live forever…

Had a brief spell of chest pain over the weekend. Okay, nothing to be concerned about. Or is it? Is that normal for a twenty-nine year old? Admittedly my diet is cholesterol on toast, washed down with coffee and beer… Oh and did I mention cake? … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors (#1)

Saw this awesome logo with a sword and a pen and thought I had to know what that was about. Turns out it’s a weekly thing for writers to showcase a snippet from their writing. To meet some new authors, … Continue reading

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91,857 words, and all animals are dogs. Really?

I sat down to write only four hundred words yesterday, knowing I had a huge day today and had to prepare for the visit. Turns out that time pressure is a fantastic way to get writing out, because instead of four … Continue reading

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82,567 words, and I need to see a man about a parrot…

The writing is going well. Tonight and last night I have been writing a scene where things once again go backwards for our hero, with him being trapped into yet another uncomfortable arrangement. This time it’s the smuggling ex-pirate who is turning … Continue reading

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73,714 words, and my girls are amazing!

Well on track these days I reckon, with a few weeks to go until the re-writing stage needs to be over and the editing will begin. Feeling pretty good. Might pre-celebrate with some more world cup wake-ups and enjoy a … Continue reading

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Today’s words, all 65,312 of them! (up from 62,959)

I figured I’d written about a thousand words last night and another page this morning, but somehow another thousand came from somewhere. Sweet, sweet wordy goodness. We walked the Wolf to the coffee shop this morning, and realised that we … Continue reading

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