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Short Story Review: ALTERNATE by Ernie Luis

Hey my humans. I’ve just finished reading a singularly ace short story I bought on the ‘ZON, for only a DOLLAR (Value! Cha-ching! Oh wait, I think it’s free now…) and would like to share my recommendation. Here’s the amazon … Continue reading

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Cover Art Soon!

So, I got through maybe ten pages of editing today. Wahey! only 350 or so to go… Still, I did look at the most epic and amazing wonderment that is the intended cover-art. I’ve included a sneak tiny peek here, because … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hounded, by Kevin Hearne. Iron Druids ‘n stuff.

Sitting cotside with an adorable newborn is a great feeling. It’s even more rad-i-sauce awesome-iffic when the noob in question is your own daughter. She’s staring at you with eyes bigger than the rest of her head, and you’re all … Continue reading

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Writing Characters

I’ve been thinking a lot more about characters as I edit, because it’s one thing I can probably never refine enough. Here are the points that I’m really focussing on with mine these days. (Pic kind of unrelated by the … Continue reading

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Lea-ving… on a jet-plane!

So uh, I’ve got a nineteen-hour flight ahead of me today. Yep, I’m heading to the USA for work, so I’ll have many hours of sitting to look at my novel rewrite. With time differences I arrive about fifty minutes after … Continue reading

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THE END. 126,659 words, and I’ve finished re-write 2

Oh wow. Oh wowwie wow. I flipping did it. BOOIASHAKKAMOTHERF… ahem. I am quite excited about this. So now what? I guess probably get some sleep for a day or two, and then start editing. I’m thinking I’ll need to … Continue reading

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Scrambling towards “The End.”

I’m on the home stretch of the rewrite now, people! Nearly at the end of the second last chapter, 394 pages, 119,600 words in, and I’m scribbling my way towards the end (again). Re-write number two is nearing completion! After this I … Continue reading

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WORLD BEARD DAY! 6th September. Let it grow.

It’s that wonderful time of the year, September sixth, World Beard Day! When the bearded march hand-in-hand. And it’s worth mentioning that a love for books goes so well with a love for beards… (every time you read one, your … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Tag

So I was nominated to do this “Bookshelf Tag” by The Paper Butterfly. She is one of the most energetic bloggers I know, always keen to learn more about writing, and is very generous with her time, and in giving … Continue reading

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Writing Dialogue, “Part 2!”

And let’s kick off with a little recap: In Writing Dialogue Part One, I talked about what we use dialogue for. The three things that your dialogue should be talking about (that I know of) were listed as: a) ADVANCING THE PLOT b) … Continue reading

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