Priorities, and Mucking About with my Inherited Fourbie’

SO, I haven’t blogged in donkey’s years, and this is almost entirely down to the advice of my mum. I know, strange right? That a person’s own mother would advise them NOT to blog.

Weeeell, this was actually some pretty stellar advice, in the sense that I’d been spending way too much time doing other things (including blogging) as opposed to actually finishing edits on my book…

I went “oh yeah,” and then proceeded to start editing one scene per day, instead of looking at social media and blogs. Now it’s going-great-guns, and I have plenty of finished scenes to show for it. So that’s the plan: less blogging for a little while, and more writing.

That said, I have been doing some other stuff. For one, I’ve been farting around buying hardware to make a drawer system / cargo shelf / bed platform in the back of my Jackaroo (it’s basically an Isuzu Trooper with a Holden badge on it).

4X4 shelf / bed plans

4X4 shelf / bed plans

The way I see it, this gives me:

– A convenient camper (no tent pegs[!!!!])

– A couple of long-ass drawers to stick useful bits/shopping in the back, without anything banging around

– A flat surface for laying down priceless paintings* (covered wheel arches!)

– Somewhere to sleep if I have a big night out

*Note: I am not currently a cat burglar, nor do I have any intentions of pursuing a leatherclad career across the rooftops of Gotham, or any other city.


The only cost is $120 worth of plywood, fasteners, and circular saw (I have everything else I’m going to need already). I imagine it will take up most of Saturday to make, so here’s hoping I don’t get too busy…

Anyways, that’s me. What outlandish DIY rubbish have you guys and gals attempted recently? Trips to IKEA to buy REKTUM storage units totally count.

Best Regards,


About D.R.Sylvester

A Clinical Research Associate by day (google it), writer by night, D.R.Sylvester lives in Sydney, Australia with his patissiere wife and Siberian Wolf. His interests include travel, music (predominantly Metal), reading, & archery.
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5 Responses to Priorities, and Mucking About with my Inherited Fourbie’

  1. gpeynon says:

    I’ve just fitted a fireplace, built a bar in an empty fireplace, built a cupboard to house the electric meter, fitted a lamp and sorted out my screw box… oh and I built an Ikea kitchen too. Gotta love moving into a new house, eh?

    • Moving into a new house is most excellent! Just so long as you enjoy this DIY kind of stuff… and having all your gear jumbled up in boxes… and usually waiting to have the internet connected…

      Me and the wife had fun with our place when we moved in, but we weren’t in any rush. ikea kitchens are fun, with all of those smooth closing doors and ten thousand little rubber stoppers

      Happy housewarming to you mate!

    • Also, bar in an empty fireplace?! Sounds epic.

  2. I moved recently as well. Lots of DIY projects, but I haven’t gotten to IKEA yet; the nearest store is about 60 miles away 😦
    I’d say it was more of a project of filing dumpsters with garbage that doesn’t work in this new place than building any new furniture. That’s for next year!

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