Pickled Zombies and Skull-splatting Madness. NOVELLA REVIEW: The Last Safe Place, by Rob Hart

I’m a simple guy. I like beer, explosions and zombies. There are other predictable predilections: bacon, beards, fantasy novels of sufficient girth to club an unsuspecting librarian into submission… Unless said librarian is a red-head with a one word, three letter vocabulary, because the last thing I want to see in this world is not teeth, but I digress.

Or do I? Because this short post is about a zombie novella I read recently, and enjoyed immensely (nice segue, D.)

The Last Safe Place: A Zombie NovellaThe Last Safe Place: A Zombie Novella by Rob Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A unique take on the zombie apocalypse, with special pickled zombies, a few cheap bus-‘sploding thrills, a human element for our protagonist to negotiate (with one “Woohoo! In. your. face!” moment), along with all the skull splatting madness that you’d expect from the genre.

As with any book that I love, it has to have good strong characters, and there’s plenty of that going on. I’d have enjoyed seeing a few of them branch out and develop further, but unfortunately with a novella there’s little time and scope to do so. It also doesn’t help that the genre is notorious for throwing its characters to the wolves… or to the flesh nibbling rotbags. You get the idea.

It stands alone as a novella in a well developed alternate New York (seemingly the same New York universe as the one in ‘New Yorked’ by the same author[?]), but there’s enough happening at the end to suggest that sequels could potentially follow.

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So yeah. Zambies. Awesomeness. Go read things and report back.

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