I Have no Aversion to Good Novellas. REVIEW: Aversion, by Ernie Luis

I suddenly remembered that today is the day a particularly rad novella is released, and so here’s my review of same. I’m particularly keen to see more of this author’s work (my reviews for the first two novellas in this series are here and here), and this latest offering has only bolstered that feeling.

If reading earlier reviews is a pain, just know that this series is about a spy agency that utilises time machines to guard the course of the future, with plenty of assassinations, and a lot more going on than our heroes know… It has a Dollhouse kind of vibe, but grittier and with less cheesy banter than anything by the Whedon.

So without further ado…

Aversion coverAversion by Ernie Luis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Part three, and here come the big reveals. Gripping characters. Short and powerful read. What’s not to love?

I read this one with the first two novellas in the series, Alternate and Backwards, still fresh in my mind. It didn’t disappoint. The story continues to get bigger in scope, tying everything and the characters together, making you hate the bad guys even more, and bringing our hero to the boil…

The thing that this author does really well is the character interactions… the characters are great, and there’re no wasted or half thought out scenes. Everything that happens has purpose and impact.

This is the third part in what I’m guessing will be a four part story, so there’s a lot of set up going on here. Despite this, each chunk stands alone quite well, with its own narrative arc and conclusion.

And dammnnnnnn! That ending… I want to read the next one now.

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As I mentioned, it’s a short read (as novellas tend to be), and it’s currently on sale for LESS THAN A FREAKING DOLLAR. Get onto it people. Amazon link is here.

Hmm, so what authors should I be reading next… let me know, aye?

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