Booky book book, thing about books and writing. And noodles.

It’s reallllly late, but I need to write a blog post because I’ve been writing one every day for the last three days and I don’t want the good times to end. *face hits keyboard*

So ummmm… Ooo! I made sexy noodles today. That’s what I’ve called them ever since my wife asked me what I was cooking one day, and I answered “Sexy, sexy noodles.” They’re actually not bad, more like a home ramen dish than anything else?

Sexy Noodles

  • 1/2 an OXO chicken stock-cube
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce (Okay, I know we’re starting to get a bit salty, but that’s what makes it so good)
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • H2O of the boiled variety
  • Noodle cakes (big bag of instant noodles in individual cakes, sans flavouring)
  • Broccoli
  • 1 slice kraft cheese (full fat, because decadence is full-fat plastic cheese*)
  • Mystery meat (not in the sense that you shouldn’t know what it is [you really should] but mystery in the sense of anything goes… Beef? Slice it up! Bacon? SURE! Chickens feet… ehhhh probably not so much)

Chuck a pan on the stove. Not a huge pan, since this is a one-person recipe (pretty big person though, especially if you add a bowl of rice to finish the soup off). You want to dissolve the stock cube in jusssssst enough boiling water that the noodles could technically submerge in there.

Dump in the sauces and oil, stir it up. Should be brown and smell nice.

Next is the mystery meat. It goes in now so it’s fully cooked by the time the noodle cake goes in. Did I mention this whole thing takes less than ten minutes? Yup, speedy AND artery-warming/clogging/hardening goodness.

As soon as the meat is defrosted (you can totally chuck it in whilst frozen, so long as it’s in small enough bits), it’s broccoli bombs away! Don’t worry about de-frosting that either, or giving the greens much time to cook: veggies are best before they go too soft anyhow. You want to wait only until the stove has got things boiling again and then…

NOODLES! Chuck them in, and sort of… slide them under the broccoli and meat. Wait a few short minutes and you’re done.

Dump everything out (including the broth!) into a big, deep ramen-style bowl.

Find the noodles with your chopsticks / fork, and fish them up to the oil-globby surface.

Place the slice of cheese on top of the noodles, so that the heat starts to melt it.

Now slurp that sucker down!
Hah, my first (and possibly last if the oil and salt does its magic) cooking class. Let me know if any of you actually try this.

I also started reading a book about an American assassin. It’s called American Assassin, and it’s written by *goes to check* Vince Flynn. It’s not a bad book actually. It has pages and things. Seems a bit pulpy, with all the usual ingredients thrown in there (harder-than-hard guy with a vengeance streak, check. More passports than you can fit in a safe deposit box, check. Blonde Bond-girl one nighter, CHECK!) but it does have some good points. Namely the character motivations and back-stories are good. The thing is damn near laser crispy too, so easy to follow and it whips along at a cracking pace with zero redundant info-dumps. Mmmmm laser cooking. I bet you could make mean nachos with a laser…

Anyway, that’s me for now. Let me know what you’re reading / cooking at the moment.

Best regards,

*Decadence can also be eating nutella direct from the tub with a spoon

About D.R.Sylvester

A Clinical Research Associate by day (google it), writer by night, D.R.Sylvester lives in Sydney, Australia with his patissiere wife and Siberian Wolf. His interests include travel, music (predominantly Metal), reading, & archery.
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3 Responses to Booky book book, thing about books and writing. And noodles.

  1. So. Just read a friend’s romance novel. Romance, not my thing, (and I know that means in some circles that I need to turn in my female of species card but they can pound sand,) but she’s a friend and has seriously mad writing skills…like she can make meatloaf a sensual experience…I know how that sounds but there’s no other way to describe it.

    Vince Flynn is one of the authors whose books make the rounds in my family. He passed away not that long ago. His novels are tied up in a movie contract somewhere…Bruce Willis was supposed to play someone, Rapp’s boss I think. The whole project I think was shelved a few years back.

    And…right now…egg salad sandwich. Nothing fancy, but it’s 9am in Southern California and egg salad sandwich works well for breakfast.

    Reading your bio…you sound like my husband. Archery, metal, wolves, reading, travel…You’re cut from the same cloth I think, which is a good thing. Means you’re my kind of people. If you ever make it to the Los Angeles area, let me know. You’ll have a place to stay.

    • As soon as you put the words “meat loaf” and “sensual experience” together I thought of Rocky Horror. Oh, and same same sentence from a different angle, I think the dish meatloaf actually could be a sensual experience right now… I’m starving here at breakfast.

      I’d love to have those skills for writing romance, I actually did a post on that a few days back. I reckon I could do it, but I wouldn’t be winning any Spanky awards or anything (I don’t actually know if there is a romance award, and I’m sure if there is I’m sure it wouldn’t be called the “Spankys”, 50 Shades just popped into my head. I blame the bus with the massive advertising poster that’s parked outside my window.) That’s awesome that your friend is writing so well in her genre though, does she have a blog you could link to?

      Yep to the passing of books around the family. I got the Vince Flynn one off my mum, because I didn’t mind the Jack Reacher books. I gave my mum the whole Dresden Files last year to read, 15 books or something so far? Baha filled her bag up.

      Thank you immensely for the welcome to LA! I’d love to head out that way, and will definitely keep it in mind. If you ever come to Aus you’ve got a free tour guide of Sydney 🙂 I’d offer a place to crash, but our house is hard to see with the naked eye, and full of baby. If you and your husband like a drink I could definitely take you to a few places as well

      • sheltonkeysdunning says:

        Oh we drink. We sooooooooo drink. Wait, does that make us sound like alcoholics? ‘Cause we’re not that bad. Promise. Scout’s honor. We’re just inappropriately typical Irish/Native Americans so alcohol is kinda in our blood. And we will so take you up on the tour of Sydney! I promise it won’t be for a while…the baby may not be a baby anymore!

        You can find Cam’s site here:

        She’s good people too. Like I said, Romance not really my cup of tea. But I’ll read anything she writes. It’s like…I don’t know, drinking 20 year old scotch neat. Rich, beautiful, smooth, nothing to distract from the bouquet…yeah, I’d say 20 year scotch.

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