Short Story Review: BACKWARDS by Ernie Luis

Hey my humans. I’ve just finished reading the second in a series of ace short stories I bought on the ‘ZON, for only a $DOLLAR$ (Value! Cha-ching! Oh, and I didn’t know it was going to be a series when I read the first one, so that’s a surprise sequel! Double cha-ching!) and I would like to share my recommendation.

The author is a guy called Ernie Luis, with a blog you can read, because it uses letters and words and all of your favorite punctuation.

Here’s the amazon link, and here’s the Goodreads review (followed by a short bit about International Women’s Day, which is a GOOD THING):

Backwards (The Alternate Series Book 2)Backwards by Ernie Luis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just like the preceding short-story, Alternate, it’s centered around the struggles of a time-travelling assassin, tasked with preserving the proper order of things by eliminating rogue time-travellers. He’s in a bad way, only able to function while drunk, and this day at the office brings him face-to-face with the reason why:

He goes through the time-portal to catch a rogue employee, and ends up back on the street where his daughter died. On the exact day. Only minutes before it happens…

I’d give this short story four and a half stars, but apparently that isn’t an option. I flipping loved it, right up until it ended.

HOW COULD IT END? THAT ISN’T THE END? WHERE’S THE REST OF IT GARRDRAMMIT? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a satisfying tale, especially if you know-what’s-what from reading Alternate beforehand, but it ends on such a cliff-hanger I’d auction a kidney to know what’s next. Not my kidney, but a very nice one all the same.

The scope has expanded drastically from Alternate. Here we’re seeing more characters, and a plot much bigger than one man’s chance to change a tragic past. Now we’re talking fate-of-the-world. Every character has gusto, and nuance, and they grab you by the feels. Enough said

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Okay, that’s it from me. Go read the short! Best twenty minutes of your day, I promise (unless you have hanky-panky or a terrific sandwich, in which case HIGH FIVE!)

Oh, by the way – Happy International Women’s Day! Dudes, let the women in your life be heard. Ladies, we think you’re rad. On a related note I’m thinking of buying my infant daughter a statue of Diana (okay, so technically it’s a 1/6 scale Wonder Woman figurine), as a kind of room-guardian / mascot. Thoughts?

Best regards,


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  1. This sounds like a very interesting short story!

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