Short Story Review: ALTERNATE by Ernie Luis

Hey my humans. I’ve just finished reading a singularly ace short story I bought on the ‘ZON, for only a DOLLAR (Value! Cha-ching! Oh wait, I think it’s free now…) and would like to share my recommendation.

Here’s the amazon link, and here’s the Goodreads review:


AlternateAlternate by Ernie Luis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Feels. Action. Time-travel. Awesomeness.

Aaargh! The feels! This is one of those great short stories, the ones that grab you early and rocket to a conclusion. I only wish it were about… 50,000 words longer.

So what’s it about? Grey is a drunk, working as a time-travelling assassin for some kind of current-reality preservation agency. He’s working so that he can earn a freebie time-travel on the agency’s machines, to go back and fix his own past: his daughter’s birthday would have been today…

Really enjoyed it, looking forward to a novel-length work from this author.

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PS – Apologies for the dearth of posts, just as baby stuff has been calming down I’ve been overrun by work. I WILL PREVAIL!

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