Cover Art Soon!

So, I got through maybe ten pages of editing today. Wahey! only 350 or so to go…

Still, I did look at the most epic and amazing wonderment that is the intended cover-art. I’ve included a sneak tiny peek here, because I need to get the final and pay the guy first (and he’s an awesome guy, will post links to his stuff when I get the finished piece), but suffice to say I’m freaking excited about it.

Peek at Cover

So more generally, when you’re browsing in a bookstore, what do you hate in cover art? And then the inverse, what kind of cover art makes you want to pick books up (assuming it’s not just greased chests & heaving bosoms, or your favourite author’s name emblazoned in metallic puce across most of the cover)?

Best regards,



About D.R.Sylvester

A Clinical Research Associate by day (google it), writer by night, D.R.Sylvester lives in Sydney, Australia with his patissiere wife and Siberian Wolf. His interests include travel, music (predominantly Metal), reading, & archery.
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4 Responses to Cover Art Soon!

  1. yhosby says:

    Hey D.R.,
    10 pages is better than zero 🙂 I’m loving the preview of your cover art.

    Keep smiling,

    • Thank you! It’s always good to keep these things in perspective. And I surely will keep smiling, unless I’m being eaten by a horde of starving field mice or something…

      Cheers! 🙂

  2. gpeynon says:

    I like this a lot (at least what I can see of it). I shall look forward to seeing the links to where you got it.

    I like action or emotion in a cover. I hate irrelevance or cliché. If you go cliché, though, I’d be incredibly surprised…

    • Thanks, mate. Will post the whole thing up soon! I’m with you on hating irrelevant covers. It always bothered me as a kid that the covers to a lot of epic fantasy books didn’t seem to have anything to do with the content… “There’s no horned horse riding leprechaun in this book! HOW DARE THEY”

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