Lea-ving… on a jet-plane!


So uh, I’ve got a nineteen-hour flight ahead of me today. Yep, I’m heading to the USA for work, so I’ll have many hours of sitting to look at my novel rewrite. With time differences I arrive about fifty minutes after I leave, so that’s practically time-travel, right? I’m like a less efficient version of superman (and less ripped, and less spandexed, and… just generally less. I have more beard though. In fact, that’s what superman needs, a flipping beard. They could call him Beardman. Or Beardmaster! [NSFW])

I don’t know if I’ll have a lot of time to enjoy the sights, but I should at least be able to get a few nice photos of San Diego and Chicago.

Awesome things about flying for a writer (or anyone):

  1. Endless coffee in the Qantas Lounge
  2. They bring coffee to you on the plane
  3. They bring food to you on the plane
  4. Sometimes the food is edible
  5. Sometimes the food comes with tiny chocolate
  6. Sometimes the person next to you DOESN’T WANT THEIRS
  7. Your own tiny reading light
  8. Time to READ!
  9. Also, there are movies on the plane
  10. Sometimes those movies aren’t Ninja Turtles, but are instead epic films with Jason Statham in them
  11. Duty free booze
  12. Oodles and oodles of hours with…
  13. No distractions
  14. Nobody calling
  15. No chores
  16. A toilet that goes WOOOSH

There are really only a few drawbacks that I can think of, those being

  1. Sharing/battling for elbow room
  2. The scramble to rescue your laptop when the seat in front of you leans back rapidly
  3. Awkward waiting for the toilet cubicle (DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT. And who was waiting first anyway? If you were queueing over there and I was over here, do we now have to fight to the death? Or do we apologise back and forth while a third person comes from the other side and goes in…)

Did I miss anything? I probably did, let me know your pros & cons of air travel.

I’m looking forward to seeing some American autumn! And with any luck I’ll have finished my red pen edit by the time I touch down. Going to miss everyone back home, especially my wife, but when I get back in a week it will be October: home stretch to the baby’s birth!

Do you get much writing or reading done when you travel? Favourite things to do/eat/drink in San Diego or Chicago? Would love to hear from you.

Best regards,


About D.R.Sylvester

A Clinical Research Associate by day (google it), writer by night, D.R.Sylvester lives in Sydney, Australia with his patissiere wife and Siberian Wolf. His interests include travel, music (predominantly Metal), reading, & archery.
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13 Responses to Lea-ving… on a jet-plane!

  1. I’m sure there are lots of things to do in San Diego. I live at the other end of the state XD I went to San Diego once to visit a college. Other than that I haven’t been. Always wanted to go to the San Diego Comic Con though. I went to Chicago to see a hip doctor. That’s all I did though XD It’s kind of cold over there now, but San Diego is probably warm.

    In our airplanes you have to pay for the movies and meals. United used to have free movies, but I think they stopped that 😦 My dad is actually a pilot for United so I get discount tickets 8D It’s only space available though, and that can get tricky. You get free drinks though, lol. I always bring lots of snacks because it’s cheaper that way.

    For me the greatest drawback of riding airplanes is pain :/ My whole spine is degenerating so the pain gets really bad if I have to sit for like 6+ hours. My hips hurt too, but that will improve with time. It sucks because that was a huge factor in me deciding I couldn’t visit my husband’s family in Japan. Probably never 😦 They don’t know how disabled I am, and I don’t want them to either. Would be kind of hard because the next few days I would be laying in bed with a heating pad under my back. This summer we went to my sister’s wedding, and we had two layovers. One was like 10 hours so I was laying out on the floor XD I’ve done it so many times I don’t really care about the curious stares. Some days I want to wear a shirt that says, “I have a connective tissue disease, Don’t judge me >:(” Maybe something funny instead. But whatever. I’ll never see them again.

    Have fun 😀 Happy editing ^^

    • This might be a long shot, but could you try a cruise across? I know there are cruises from Canada to Asia, so there should be some way of heading across by sea. It might take a week or so, but you’d arrive fresh. My parents and Grandparents swear by them. I’ve only done a week around hawaii, so I don’t know about ocean cruises, but I can tell you it was VERY relaxing. We went to the gym every morning, then just drank and ate and sat in a spa…

      • That’s not a bad idea. Actually I hadn’t thought of that, lol. Something to consider in the future 🙂 I love my husband’s family. They’re so awesome!

        Before my body started to deteriorate, I loved car rides. In college I would ride in the car with my mom as she took my little sister to ballet (an hour and 15 minute drive) and then drove back. I don’t know what it was, but it helped me focus. That was before smartphones came out though, lol.

  2. ehbates says:

    Good luck with your long flight, and welcome in advance to the States! 🙂 I used to love airplanes because I could get a TON of reading and writing done. Now airplane travel means trying to keep a squirmy baby locked in a foot-square space for x amount of hours without her pulling over the neighbor’s coffee, stealing the neighbor’s pens, staring intensely at the neighbor until it’s just uncomfortable, and so on and so forth . . . we don’t travel by plane much anymore.

    Things to look forward to with the impending birth. 🙂 But that is super exciting! Babies are pretty much the most wonderful thing ever. Best of luck as the day approaches!

    • I hope I end up next to a baby like yours then, because that sounds like perfect training for the years ahead! Also it sounds cute and lovely, in a trainwreck kind of way. I think you can probably measure the worth of a person by how they react to a baby on a plane. Anyway, if they’re bothered by baby-in-close-proximity then they should have ponied up for a business class ticket. It’s not their personal air-chariot.
      Thanks! I’m looking forward to being there 🙂

      • ehbates says:

        Yes, it’s fortunate that most people we’ve sat by on planes are very accepting of my baby’s antics. And it helps that she’s so darn cute. Not that I’m biased or anything.

  3. Nyambura says:

    Pros: pretty much what you’ve said + free alcohol 😉 ( KLM)

    Cons: having to sit next to a nightmare passenger (imagine your worst case scenario here) for eight long-drawn-out hours!!!

  4. MJ Belko says:

    I’m an O’Leary by birth, so I don’t think I’m allowed in Chicago. I’m just north of Detroit, and fall is definitely settling in. Enjoy the colors!

    • Thank you! I’m really looking forward to that part, because Australian eucalypts stay green year-round, and they make up maybe 95% of the plant life in Sydney (guessing, but seems like)

  5. Moritz says:

    That made me lough so much 😀 All points you mentioned are true! Sadly not everyone is able to enter the unlimited coffee lounge but apart from that, flying is an amazing experience every time 🙂

    • Absolutely! And different every time. I was amazed by the stewardess on the American Eagle flight to San Diego yesterday; first time anyone has made me laugh and pay attention during the safety briefing.

      • Moritz says:

        The safety briefing sometimes is a real joy. I like when they make the procedure a little more “funny”. That makes people watch and pay attention!

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