Pinning up a cover design

So, I’ve gotten myself stuck into pinterest. Mainly off the back of the below post from my friend, Gpeynon (thanks, mate!).

It’s awesome. I’ve already lost heeeeaps of writing time putting together images that inspire my characters, mostly for Xing and Kioni (two of the heroines). If, like me, you’ve got folders of brainstorming images for your characters, get on pinterest.

Here’s mine so far in case you’re curious.

How Do You Pronounce Eynon?

So then. Pintrest. What do you make of it?

I had always figured Pinterest was a little bit girly and just a faster and more efficient way for our female better halves to embark on some window shopping and compile lists of the many things they want, that we can never afford to buy them.

And I was right.


I have just discovered a brilliant way that we as writers can use Pinterest… Well, actually, it was my wife’s idea, and when I say we as writers, I actually mean we writers who self publish and have to design a cover.

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4 Responses to Pinning up a cover design

  1. gpeynon says:

    Thanks so much for the re-blog, but I’m sorry you’ve been sucked in to Pintrest.

    • Hey, no worries, mate. I thought about doing my own post on it, because I’ve been finding it so useful, but you’d said it all already. And pretty much exactly how I’d have done too. Cheers!

  2. necwrites says:

    I’ve always given wide berth to all things pinterest-y (in the way I run screaming from malls around the Christmas season). You folders-for-characters-and-setting just might get me to look at it again.

    • I like to run screaming around malls from the Christmas season: way more fun.

      Glad you were inspired in some way, it’s been amazing for me to see my characters concepts in a visual form. I might have to make it private when I actually have readers, or there’ll be too many spoilers.

      Oh, and I apologise in advance if you fall into an addictive clicky-hole from which light cannot escape. *just keep pinning, just keep pinning, pinning, pinning…*

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